Terms & Conditions

  • GMI Engineering does not engage in activities of manufacturing and distributing/ sale of slugs, pellets, fishing weights, bead samples or other components thereof.

  • GMI Engineering manufactures steel components with cavities matching an ogive curve profile of fishing weights, sinkers, slugs and beads.

  • The cavities are machined on principles of dies & moulds making for components such as airflow mouth tip that of a pen, injector tips and miscellaneous components having a hollow tip.

  • Use of the machined cavity for various materials like wax, plastic, confectionery, rubber, powder metallurgy and soft metals like lead, bismuth, tin is possible and is at the discretion of the user. The function is that of a metal/non-metal forming die.

  • The kit can be used to make fishing weights, sinkers, beads and slugs for personal consumable use. The end product is the property and the responsibility of the user/ owner.

  • Purchasing and using the product is done at the consent of the customer/ user/ owner and are required to comply with the rules and regulations applicable to the state/ territory/ region etc.

  • The kit itself is an assembly of various parts and doesn’t work unless material is pressed/ forced into it by the user. It is not self-acting and is a stand-alone assembly at the end of its process cycle.

  • Personal protective equipment is mandatory during use of the kit and any accidents pertaining to the use/ misuse of the kit, will solely be at the user/ owner ‘s responsibility.

  • GMI engineering kits have multitude configurations and end uses hence it can be misinterpreted by law thus we have “No Sale” policy for certain countries. Direct sale of kits is disabled on the website for such countries.

  • Indirect 2nd or 3rd party sale through agent/ dealer/ existing customers is not the responsibility of GMI engineering as the original bill and shipping label is created for customer who makes direct purchase from website through allowed countries. Any 3rd party transfers are not the responsibility as the serial numbers match the labels on the invoices.

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